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LYNX Sensor POD - Magnetic Dual Beam 900MHz DM (AU)

Dual Beam Magnetic Sensor, with Digimesh RF 900MHz communications for low power and long range (LP-WAN) connectivity. Used in vehicle detection systems.


  1. Dual beam magnetic sensor - ability to detect metal objects 60cm away, speed and direction of movement.
  2. Communications utilising Digi’s 900MHz Digimesh topology - easily paired with a Gateway or similar modules.
  3. Small footprint pod sensor.
  4. Low power consumption - long battery life (Lithium batteries up to 5+ years).
  5. Detection of vehicles at all speeds.
  6. Ease of installation - no cabling.
  7. Ease of Support - regular maintenance is not required.
  8. Low capex and opex - no annual maintenance.

Typical Applications:

Product status is available.